José Fuga Foundation

The “Assistencial e Cultural José Fuga” Foundation is an entity with philantropic purposes. It is maintained by Fuga Couros S/A and was established in December 2003 with the purpose to keep the ideals of solidarity and community work alive. These ideals were introduced by José Fuga during his lifetime and continue until now by Lídia Fuga. The focus of this institution is to stimulate the social, emotional and creative knowledge development among children and teenagers, giving them oportunity in education and culture.

Some projects developed by the Foundation are made available free of charge to current and previous employess of Fuga Couros S/A:

· library;
· computer workshop;
· chorus groups;
· junior tourist guide groups;
· courses in gardening and environment conscience;
· technical courses;
· theatre;
· dancing;
· sports activities (gymnastic, soccer, voley).


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