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Pet Food
Jales - SP
Rodovia Vitório Prandi, Km 01 • CEP 15700-000
Phone: ++55 17 3624.3090 • Fax: ++55 17 3624.3099
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This unit produces specific food for dogs and cats, popularly known as "bifinho".

Located in Jales, State of São Paulo, the Pet Food division produces 75 tons per month of sirloin for dogs and cats in the flavors:

- Meat
- Meat and Cereals
- Meat and Vegetables
- Chicken Grit
- Fish
- Turkey
- Meat


Brazil's first company accredited by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply - MAPA - Escape the Pet is able to export to the European Community of snacks or "sirloin" for dogs and cats, and consolidates once in the national and international scene as a of the largest companies in the pet industry.

Strictly following the standards imposed by the MAP and with a strict quality control, the products manufactured by Pet Escape are gaining notoriety. Working with a system of partnerships without their own brand, the Escape Pet currently produces for the largest companies of its kind in Brazil.

Another highlight and extremely relevant, is that 90% of meat products used in the products are manufactured by Pet Escape from refrigerators and rendering plants belonging to the group Fuga Couros SA, which ensures raw material of excellent quality.

Beef Flavor and Cereals. Suitable for small dogs   Flavor Beef and Vegetables. Suitable for small dogs
Beef Flavor. Suitable for adult sized dogs   Beef Flavor. Suitable for small dogs
Chicken flavor. Suitable for small dogs   Chicken flavor. Suitable for adult sized dogs
Flavor Chicken Grit. Suitable for adult sized dogs   Suitable for Cats

Vista geral da produo (rea resfriada)
Overview of production (cold area)



Vista geral rea de embalagem/expedio
Overview area packing / dispatch


Contagem/pesagem para embalar
Counting / weighing to pack

Mquina embalagem
packaging machine


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